Starters guide for that awesome lawn

To many people, a perfect lawn can only be pictured as a flat, stripped yard. They believe achieving this is close to impossible or needs certain experts to create an awesome yard. It does not have to be that hard and achieving that perfect lawn is easier than many might think. It may be intimidating to begin if you need to start from scratch. This is especially true if you have just constructed a house and you need to keep the environment neat. The truth is a few tips will give you going to relax, we got your back!

Don’t scalp

Scalping is leaving the lawn too short after mowing. This is not advisable as the result will be an exposed soil surface which will facilitate the growth of weeds. To maintain the yard looking awesome, cut off a maximum of a third of the blades at any given time. Cutting the blades very low results in an injured crown which hampers growth. This is the area of a blade that promotes growth. Another risk of cutting blades too low is that it causes the browning of the grass edges. These are the parts responsible for storing nutrients and thus causes the entire grass to be unhealthy. Browning of grass edges is also caused by mowing with blunt blades. This brown grass may end up tearing the blades or leaving them jagged.

Mow frequently

Since you now know the importance of not scalping of the loan, you are going to cut at a taller height. What this means is that you will need to maintain a high mowing frequency so that your yard does not become unkempt or rugged. Although the thought of mowing more frequently might not sound so well with many people, those efforts are going to be very much rewarded with the awesome look that will be greeting you each time you look at the lawn.

Alternate cutting direction

I know you are probably asking yourself why this is important because you have a feeling that grass is not fixed but flexible in its growth. Think about it this way, when you mow in a certain direction, you end up with an uneven field as mowing in the same direction repeatedly will make growth aligned towards that side. Therefore, if one time you mow vertically, next time do it horizontally to achieve that perfect even yard.